Upcoming Projects

Gravity Seeds Pvt Ltd. intends to import G0 (Minitubers) & G1 Potato Seeds in up coming season from China during March 2022, whose adaptability trials have already went successfully in the research centers of Pakistan form Sahiwal to the Northern parts like Islamabad, Abbottabad and Kaghan

The success of China origin G0 (Minitubers) & G1 POTATO SEEDS in Pakistani Land is a huge & great milestone in the favor of farmers of the motherland

Why we're different



We are bringing innovation in Agriculture of our beloved Motherland to maximize our crops quality and quantity. Our prime objective is to bring a change in the seed industry of Pakistan.




Our minitubers are bred by potato tissue culture technique, which not only produces the minitubers as G0 but also enhances the yield of the up coming generations for several years. i.e. G1, G2, G3, G4.


The batch of virus free seeds from G1 up to minimum ELITE CLASS of GENERATIONS  because after replanting for several generations, the potato seed quality gets degenerated, resulting in degraded yield and resistivity against diseases.


Gravity Seeds Pvt Ltd. also intends to commence Potato Tissue Culture Technique to produce virus-free microplants, with collaboration of Chinese Partners for further development in Potato Seeds Technology




Conventional potato seeds got destroyed during March due to late blight and high temperatures resulting into very low yields this season. But our late most harvesting was done in the first week of June, where the cultivation date was end January in District Okara Central Punjab,