About Us

Gravity Seeds is a professional company engaged in potato, corn, , vegetables, ,flowers and oil seed crops importing, producing and exporting. We are striving in providing premium seeds, empowering farmers across Pakistan. Our prime objective is to bring a change in the seed industry of Pakistan.

The company has partnership with Denmark and group of top potato specialists in China, mainly focusing on potato micro plants tissue culture, minituber, greenhouse cultivation, seed potato outdoor filed management, etc. In China, particularly in Northwest part where it’s called the capital of potato, the company possess 5 labs for potato micro plant tissue culture, over 3000 hectares of lands for both greenhouse and G1, G2 potato seeds planting. Each year, more than 30 million pieces of potato minitubers are produced, together with thousands of tons of G1 & G2 potato seeds.

The company also maintains good relations with top seed breeders from Pakistan, Netherlands, Scotland, etc. With frequent technical communication all the year around.


Gravity Seeds mainly focus on providing G0 potato minituber seeds.Varieties include Desiree, Big Rossa, Oxania, Magistral,  Lady Rosetta, Unica, Shepody, Early Valley, Hermes, Asterix, Sante, Kurroda and other common varieties.
The core business consists of trading in seed potatoes supplemented by trading in edible potatoes, vegetables, corn and oil producing seeds. The most important markets are North Africa, the Middle East and all corners of Europe.
Our purpose is to offer the most competitive prices on products of the highest quality to our partners. Thus, in collaboration with our basic and pre-basic breeders, we have established our own import channel & production chain. Here we follow the journey of the potatoes, corn and vegetables throughout the organization. We constantly keep an eye on our crops. This is done from the early start of meristem plants, which are produced under clinical conditions in the laboratory, until delivery of the finished product to the customer.