Promoting farm foods

Promoting farm foods

Potato, phytosanitary name Solanum tuberosum, can serve both as vegetable or crop. It’s rich in nutrition with various application. The whole industrial chain of potato is very long and diversified. There are various ways of planting potato seeds, the supply can be whole year around. In China, the planting area is growing yearly, with increasing economic revenue, potato had become one of the most universal crop.

The main value of potato:

Nutritious: Potato is rich in nutrition, for each 100g of potato, there are Calories 77 kcal, calcium 11㎎, 64㎎ phosphorus, iron 1.2㎎, 0.10㎎ thiamine, riboflavin 0.03㎎, niacin 0.4㎎, 16㎎ ascorbic acid, carotene 0.01㎎, protein 2.3g, carbohydrates 16.6g crude fiber 0.3g, 0.8g ash.

Health effects: Potatoes are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and large amounts of cellulose, can effectively slow the aging process and improve immune function.

Industrial advantages: Potato industrychain is the longest of all crops. As vegetable, potato tubers can be consumed directly. In food industries, potatoes can be processed into frozen potato fries, fried potato chips, puffed food, dehydrated products and potato starch, etc. It has been widely used in food and medicine, paper, textile, casting, and other industries, through value-added processing, the potato has become a pillar in most areas of the economy and competitive industries.